Waste & recycling focus

  • Household

    Get the insight on how your council manages your waste just by the bins you are provided

  • Events

    Improve your event waste systems and your audience engagement

  • Businesses

    Implement the best system to improve recycling rates

Find out:

  • Where your waste goes and how it gets processed

  • Whether compostable bioplastic materials are the solution to plastic pollution?

  • How to improve recycling rates

  • What bin set-up works best for offices and events

  • Best practice from event waste management

Confused by waste and recycling systems?

Get clarity and focus on how to manage your waste better

After this mastermind you will feel

  • Confident on how to make improvements

  • Understanding of people's habits and behaviours

  • Clear about your priorities and how to make quick wins

Testimonials from attendees

Hear what the live attendees have to say


So many takeaways! Thoroughly enjoyed this and found it to be so packed full of clear and useful information. Perhaps favourite was the Behaviour Change stuff as quite new to me and thought fascinating.


Thank you so much for very useful webinar!. Emilie - schemes of the recycling process and your explanation where really clear and useful even I knew how it works before. Livvy thank you for the insights into the behaviours and bin choice criteria!


Thanks so much! Extremely interesting. Understanding the waste management and contamination process was really eye opening. It's a critical aspect of sustainability and the supply chain is crucial


Such an interesting session, thank you! Big takeaway is how 'landfill' and recycling works and that it really isn't an ideal solution.


Sustainability & Behaviour Change Consultant

Livvy Drake

Livvy has a wealth of experience delivering behaviour change and waste reduction campaigns. Livvy works with the City to Sea and Refill team on plastic-reduction and reusables campaigns. Her talks and workshops are delivered in a way that makes complex and confusing topics accessible and entertaining.

Waste reduction professional

Emilie Woodger- Smith

is a waste industry professional who has worked for both the public and private sector on recycling campaigns and waste reduction projects. She also runs a sustainable lifestyle blog in her spare time where she encourages others to make small changes to reduce their environmental impact.

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This is a recording of a live mastermin on 21st May with a Q&A session

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