Would you like to understand:

  • The problems with plastic and plastic recycling?

  • How to manage hard-to-recycle plastics at work?

  • What is being done to address the problems with plastic?

Find out why only 9% of plastic produced since the 1950's has been recycled and 79% has ended up in landfills or the natural environment

Knowledge & practical action

On completing this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the history of plastics and plastic recycling

  • Confidently talk to your waste contractor about how they manage your plastics

  • Set up systems to manage your hard-to-recycle plastics

  • Adopt circular economy thinking

  • Comprehend the upcoming waste and resources strategy and what this will mean for plastics production and your business

Watch Intro Video

Watch the introductory video

and meet the instructor, Livvy Drake

Case studies

Find out how other organisations are approaching plastics recycling:

Manic Veganic
Better You

What's included

  • 40 minutes of short videos

    Lessons are delivered in short 3-7 minute video lectures and accompanied by reading material

  • Access for 1 year

    You will have access for 365 days and will receive updates and any new case studies added to the course

  • Practical activities

    Worksheets and guidance documents to complete at your own pace

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • CPD Accreditation

  • 2

    The background to plastics

    • Do you know?

    • Introduction: Is plastic really the problem?

    • Plastics: Past

    • The packaging shift

    • Do you know?

    • Plastics: Present

    • Plastics: Recycling

    • Knowledge check

    • Learning Action: How complicated is the plastic packaging in your office?

  • 3

    Managing your plastics recycling

    • Do you know?

    • Understanding plastic recycling

    • Managing your plastic recycling

    • How to improve your plastic recycling?

    • Managing hard-to-recycle plastics

    • Processes to manage hard-to-recycle plastics

    • Knowledge check

    • Learning Action: What to ask your waste management company

    • Learning Action: What is in your recycling bin?

    • Learning Action: Improve your plastic recycling

    • Learning Action: Set up a scheme to manage your hard-to-recycle plastics

  • 4

    The future of plastics – Rethinking plastic packaging

    • Do you know?

    • Introduction: Plastics future

    • Rethinking materials: Circular economy principles

    • The UK Government's Waste and Resources Strategy

    • Explained: The changes to plastics recycling

    • The New Plastics Economy and Plastics Pact targets and framework

    • Reimagining packaging with reuse

    • Links to initiatives and reuse schemes

    • Recycled plastics and closed loop recycling

    • Conclusion

    • Knowledge check

    • Learning Action: Identifying the circular economy

  • 5

    Case studies

    • Case Study: Better You

    • Manic Veganic

  • 6

    Learning actions and feedback

    • Learning Action Assignments

    • Feedback

  • 7

    You did it!

    • Being a change maker!

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Sustainability & Behaviour Change Consultant

Livvy Drake

Livvy has a wealth of experience delivering behaviour change and waste reduction campaigns. Livvy works with the City to Sea and Refill team on plastic-reduction and reusables campaigns. Her talks and workshops are delivered in a way that makes complex and confusing topics accessible and entertaining.


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“I have a better understanding of what motivates people, workshopping live ideas was also really helpful to get the brain working”

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  • Are the lessons available all at once

    Yes. But we recommend you to a section at a time and undertake the optional activities to embed the knowledge and make changes in your organisation.

  • Are the practical activities compulsory?

    No. However, you and your business will get more from the course if you undertake them as they are all focused on making changes within your workplace. There are guidance documents for every practical activity. But these are optional and can be done at a time that suits you.

  • Who are the Sustainable Sidekicks?

    The Sustainable Sidekicks are a consultancy focused on supporting workplaces, green champions and event organisers. We are here to support your sustainability journey with our knowledge and experience in waste reduction, behaviour change and engagement campaigns. We have a range of backgrounds from event sustainability, plastics and food waste reduction campaigns, as well as corporate and student engagement campaigns. Head to www.sustainablesidekicks.com to find out more.

  • I don't have time for a course, can you come to my business and do an audit?

    Yes, we offer consultancy services. Head to www.sustainablesidekicks.com and drop us an email through the contact form.

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    Then drop us an email: courses [at] sustainablesidekicks.com

  • Can I join the full 6 week course at a later date?

    Yes, you can. Simply email us and we can refund the cost of this one against the full course.

Get ready to:

Improve your management of plastics and plastic recycling in your workplace

In collaboration with

City to Sea, the team behind Refill.