Find out:

  • The key ways to approach sustainability without needing an environmental degree

  • How to navigate materials that claim to be ‘sustainable’ ‘biodegradable’ ‘green’

  • What to prioritise when you think about sustainability in events

  • How to ensure clients, colleagues and contractors are on the same page about what sustainability means for your event/s

  • How to avoid the common mistakes that people make when they think of 'sustainability'

  • How to position conversations about sustainability post-lockdown

Overwhelmed about event sustainability?

Want to do the right thing but don't know where to start?

After this mastermind you will feel

  • Less overwhelmed about where to begin

  • More confident in talking to clients and contractors

  • Clear about your priorities

Confidence boost guaranteed!

As experienced by our previous attendees

We polled the live attendees on how confident they felt.
1 = Not confident to even make a start
6 = Confidently navigating sustainability in all my events
After the mastermind 95% polled 4-6 vs only 44% before.

Testimonials from attendees

Hear what the live attendees have to say

Karen, Ecosurety

It was inspiring learning. It has really helped me prepare a first draft sustainable events policy and I am now preparing how I will measure/audit our events.

Annabel, Bright Event Management & Production

Thanks for a great seminar - will certainly try to implement an Impacts Workshop in the future

Sara Franzini Gabrielli, Sustainable Event Manager

Tomorrow I am going to talk to the Mayor of my city and I will be taking some of the ideas you've just shared with us! Thank you so much and keep in touch


Sustainable events consultant

Livvy Drake_

Livvy Drake who has worked across the event sector from catering to sponsorship, conferences to outdoor events and festivals. After becoming disheartened by the wastefulness of the industry she began working in sustainability. She has worked delivering sustainability at festivals and events, as well auditing events around the world and delivering training.

Mastermind content

This is a recording of a live mastermin on 21st May with a Q&A session

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