Are you perplexed by packaging and find yourself questioning?

  • If bioplastics really are the solution to plastic pollution?

  • What materials you should be choosing and using?

  • What can really get recycled or composted?

Remove the confusion and get in the know

On completing this course you will be able to understand:

  • The pros and cons of different materials

  • What happens when things get recycled

  • How to easily evaluate packaging claims

  • How to compare products to plastic

  • How to approach packaging and recycling in your business

  • The different types of bioplastics on the market

This course is designed for people who:

  • Buy goods

    If you’re responsible for procurement or sourcing of goods, we’ll help you make more informed packaging choices

  • Sell stuff

    If you’re a producer, we’ll give you knowledge on alternative materials and how to talk to your customers about your packaging choices

  • Lead a green team

    If you’re part of a green team, we’ll give you the resources to effectively advise your company and staff on plastics, packaging and material choices (e.g. in the staff canteen or for events)

"65% of SMEs say a challenge is finding less environmentally impactful alternatives to plastic"
(Brita & Keep Britain Tidy Report 2019)


For your business and team:

  • Confidence in your packaging choices

    Essential if you want to share your packaging choices and rationale or if you are looking to reduce your plastic and your environmental impacts

  • Understand your recycling systems

    Get to grips with what really happens with your recycling

  • Reduce waste

    By reducing and removing problematic waste streams, you can reduce your waste management costs

Watch Intro Video

Watch the introductory video

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What's included?

  • Bite-size lessons

    35 minutes of short 3-10 minute videos

  • Case studies

    Watch interviews and read case studies on businesses innovating their packaging and material choices

  • Practical actions

    Optional activities and tasks that can be applied to your own workplace

Be inspired

Watch interviews with organisations who have already taken action:


Earn CPD points

With the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs

In addition to gaining practical knowledge and the power to make change, you can also get recognition for your studies with certification and CPD (Continuous Professional Development) points from the IOEE (Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship).

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And take the first steps to be a change maker in your workplace

Get your team involved

To discuss a team package, get in touch with us!

If you have a green team with people working across different departments, we can offer an Academy package so that everyone can participate and benefit from our online support, live Q&As and certification. Email us with your team size and we’ll give you a quote


Sustainability & Behaviour Change Consultant

Livvy Drake

Livvy has a wealth of experience delivering behaviour change and waste reduction campaigns. Livvy works with the City to Sea and Refill team on plastic-reduction and reusables campaigns. Her talks and workshops are delivered in a way that makes complex and confusing topics accessible and entertaining.


Here's what attendees of our workshops have to say

“Very comprehensive look at everyday materials. A lot of detail, but that is necessary to understand the topic fully. Engaging delivery.”

"The process allowed me to work out how I can take the theory back to my workplace and work on real-world solutions"

“I have a better understanding of what motivates people, workshopping live ideas was also really helpful to get the brain working”

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • CPD Accreditation

  • 2

    Alternative packaging materials

    • Introduction

  • 3

    Aluminium cans & glass

    • Do you know?

    • Aluminium cans and glass

    • Knowledge check

    • Learning Action: How is your glass recycled

  • 4

    Cardboard & paper

    • Do you know?

    • Paper and card production and recycling

    • Cardboard food packaging

    • Paper and card packaging considerations

    • Knowledge check

    • Learning Action: Cardboard food packaging

    • Learning Action: Cardboard and paper recycling

    • Waterproof paper and card

  • 5


    • Do you know?

    • What is a bioplastic?

    • In-vessel composters and compostable plastics

    • Anaerobic digesters and compostable plastics

    • Bioplastic vs petrochemical lifecycle assessments

    • Case Study: Alara Cereals

    • How to manage your compostable packaging

    • Tips for exploring bioplastic packaging

    • Conclusion

    • Knowledge check

    • Learning Action: Bioplastics in your office

    • Learning Action: Composting plants near you

  • 6

    Packaging material innovations

    • Do you know?

    • Edible and by-product packaging

    • Case Study: Huskup

    • Knowledge check

  • 7

    The waste hierarchy

    • Do you know?

    • The waste hierarchy

    • Knowledge check

  • 8

    Learning actions and feedback

    • Learning Action Assignments

    • Feedback

  • 9

    You did it!

    • Being a change maker!

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Want to take action and tackle plastics in your workplace?

Our full 6-week course supports you to better understand plastics and packaging. You’ll also learn how to do an audit, work with your supply chain and deliver behaviour change in your workplace


  • Are the practical activities compulsory?

    No. However, you and your business will get more out of the course if you undertake them, as they are all focused on making changes within your workplace. We’ll provide guidance documents for every practical activity. But these are optional and can be done at a time that suits you.

  • Who are the Sustainable Sidekicks?

    The Sustainable Sidekicks are a consultancy focused on supporting workplaces, green champions and event organisers. We are here to support your sustainability journey with our knowledge and experience in waste reduction, behaviour change and engagement campaigns. We have a range of backgrounds from event sustainability, plastics and food waste reduction campaigns, as well as corporate and student engagement campaigns. Head to to find out more.

  • Can we upgrade to the full course once you have started?

    Yes. Just email us: courses [at] and we will refund you the cost of this course from the full one, Tackling Single-use Plastics in the Workplace.

  • I don't have time for a course, can you come to my business and do an audit?

    Yes, we offer consultancy services. Head to and drop us an email through the contact form.

  • Still have questions?

    Then drop us an email: courses [at]

69% of SME senior decision makers agree that preventing single-use plastic waste is important to their business
(Brita & Keep Britain Tidy Report 2019)

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City to Sea, the team behind Refill.