Are you an event manager dreaming of future events where audiences:

  • Adopt sustainable behaviour

  • Follow your COVID safe initiatives

  • Use bins correctly

  • Read your signage

Are you feeling disheartened that (pre-lockdown) your audiences or staff didn’t:

  • Seem to care as you do

  • Respond to your environmental messaging or initiatives

  • Understand why you removed something for environmental reasons

Imagine delivering events where your audiences embrace your sustainability initiatives

Mastermind content

This is a recording of a live mastermind on 24th November with a Q&A session

  • 1

    Behaviour change for event managers

    • Behaviour change for events video replay

    • Behaviour change for events pdf of the slides

Watching this mastermind will empower you to;

  • Understand your audience’s behaviours and defaults at events

  • Discover why they don’t see or read your messaging

  • Identify the right moment to communicate with them

  • Drive their behaviour to the sustainable choice

  • Opportunities to communicate in completely different ways

Focused content

Grab a pen and notepad and start answering the questions in this short jam-packed session which includes

  • 1.15 hour of theory

  • 15 minutes of recorded Q&A

  • PDF of the notes

Pricing options

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  • £19.00

    1 week access to the replay

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  • £29.00

    1 year plus a 1-1 call

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  • £59.00

    3 course bundle for life & 1-1

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What courses are included in the 3-course bundle?

These courses plus a 1 hour 1-1 call (worth £99) and lifetime access to the below for just £59

  • Behaviour change for events webinar (£29)

    All the behavioural theory you need to apply to your events and steer your audience to sustainable behaviours

  • Understanding your audience workshop (£29)

    Work through the practical tools used by designers and behavioural psychologists to better understand your audiences day-to-day life.

    Identify opportunities for interventions and communications

  • Designing an initiative (£29)

    Ensure your campaigns or initiatives include all the key elements for success

    Work through tools for ideation that you can use with collaborators

This bundle is perfect for you if you want to REALLY understand your audiences and deliver more impact for people, planet and (your profit)

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  • Who is this course perfect for?

    This course is for you if:

    - You want to steer your audiences to choose the sustainable option without even telling them.

    - Post-lockdown you plan to deliver more sustainable events events.

  • How much time will it take?

    This short succinct course will take 1.15 hour to watch the theory, an optional 15 mins to watch the Q&A and then it's over to you to make changes in your event planning.
    There will some easy wins that you can implement straight away.

  • What results can I expect?

    If you take action on the recommendations you can expect:

    - More communication opportunities and fresh marketing content

    - Greater engagement and success with your environmental initiatives


Sustainable events consultant

Livvy Drake_

Livvy Drake who has worked across the event sector from catering to sponsorship, conferences to outdoor events and festivals. After becoming disheartened by the wastefulness of the industry she began working in sustainability. She has worked delivering sustainability at festivals and events, as well auditing events around the world and delivering training.