Are you frustrated that your environmental campaigns don’t:

  • Reach more people

  • Inspire people to act

  • Have the impact you imagine

Are you committed to:

  • Inspiring others to take action

  • Communicating your message with confidence

  • Reaching people outside your echo chamber

  • Creating campaigns that lead to meaningful, widespread change

Mastermind content

This is a recording of a live mastermind on 26th November with a Q&A session

  • 1

    Behaviour change for environmental communicators and campaigners

    • Video replay of Behaviour change for Ethical Campaigners & Communicators

    • Behaviour Change for Environmental Campaigners & Communicators - slides

Following the webinar you will be able to:

  • Better understand human behaviour choices

  • Drive change by addressing the barriers

  • Remove the friction and pain people to pro-environmental action

  • Communicate in ways to inspire more action

  • Design your messaging to be more eye-catching and engaging

Focused content

Grab a pen and notepad and start answering the questions in this short jam-packed session which includes

  • 1 hour of theory

  • 20 minutes of recorded Q&A

  • PDF of the notes

Pricing options

Scroll down to Find out more about the exceptional value 3-course bundle

  • £19.00

    1 week access to the replay

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  • £29.00

    1 year access & 1-1 call

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  • £59.00

    3 course bundle for life & 1-1

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What courses are included in the 3-course bundle?

These courses plus a 1 hour 1-1 call (worth £99) and lifetime access to the below for just £59

  • Behaviour change for environmental campaigners and communicators webinar (£29)

    All the behavioural theory you need to apply to your campaigns and communications

  • Understanding your audience workshop (£29)

    Work through the practical tools used by designers and behavioural psychologists to better understand your audiences day-to-day life.

    Identify opportunities for interventions and communications

  • Designing an initiative (£29)

    Ensure your campaigns or initiatives include all the key elements for success

    Work through tools for ideation that you can use with collaborators

This bundle is perfect for you if you want to REALLY understand your audiences and deliver more impact for people, planet and (your profit)

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

If you've watched the sessions and you're not happy, we'll give you your money back, no questions asked.


Jessica Ferrow

Twelve ( Sustainability Strategy & Comms)

You shared so many great insights, I’m really looking forward to applying them to a few projects I’m working on now.

Elizabeth Lambert

Plastic Free Helensburgh

I think looking for non-environmental reasons for doing it are links I want to start making.

Emilie Woodger- Smith

Simply Sustainable Blog

The immediate change will be to talk about benefits rather than losses. Fab talk!


  • Who is this course perfect for?

    This course is for you if:

    - You create campaigns that are good for people and planet

    - You want your communications to have a greater impact by reaching more audiences

  • How much time will it take?

    This short succinct course will take 1 hour to watch the theory, an optional 20 mins to watch the Q&A and then as much time as you need to improve your campaigns.
    There will some easy wins that you can implement straight away.

  • What results can I expect?

    If you take action on the recommendations you can expect:

    - More communication opportunities and fresh marketing content

    - Less barriers and reservations from audiences when interacting with your campaigns

    - More conversions from outside the echo chamber

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Sustainability & Behaviour Change Consultant

Livvy Drake

Livvy has a wealth of experience delivering behaviour change and waste reduction campaigns. Livvy works with the City to Sea and Refill team on plastic-reduction and reusables campaigns. Her talks and workshops are delivered in a way that makes complex and confusing topics accessible and entertaining.