Does your lack of a sustainability policy leave you feeling:

  • Frustrated you can’t demonstrate your intentions and values to your customers

  • That there is confusion within your organisation about what to prioritise

  • Overwhelmed and confused about where to begin

  • Anxious you are losing business

Want to engage your team?

Concerned they aren't interested?

Following this step-by-step workshop process you will:

  • Understand what motivates your team members

  • Get buy-in from teams and departments

  • Capture your team's vision, values and concerns

  • Identify your priorities

  • Create targets and an action plan


Hear what our clients have said

The Bristol Gulls

The sustainability policy workshop has given us a direction and a plan to act upon that reflects our shared priorities, our capabilities, time and budget.


Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the session today - we really enjoyed it. LOTS to think about!

When I return to work, I'm going to hold a meeting with colleagues and begin the process of writing up a policy!!

Ioana Hardy - Founder of the Impacters Group

It was very hands on and practical. I really appreciated the structure - going from the bigger issues to what that means for the business. I think most organisations - solo, big or small - get stuck at the high level issues and are not sure how to ground this in their own business. The process, examples, tools were very helpful in understanding and applying sustainability.

Ben - Caring Bristol

Livvy’s Creating An Engaging Sustainability Policy workshop was brilliant – an engaging, results-oriented 90 minutes that laid out in jargon-free terms how to translate our organisation’s notional ideas around sustainability into actionable, measurable outcomes. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to champion sustainability in their workplace but isn’t sure where to begin. Thanks again and let’s keep in touch!


Sustainability Consultant

Livvy_ Drake

As well as implementing sustainability strategies, Livvy has been delivering sustainability policy and prioritisation workshops with varied clients from event teams and venue managers to charities and even a rowing team.

Workshop content

This is a recording of a live workshop on the 22nd April

  • 1

    Creating an Engaging Sustainability Policy

    • Sustainability Policy Workshop Recording

    • Presentation slides

  • 2

    Resources for delivering your own workshop

    • Documents to use

  • 3

    Templates for your policy and action plan

    • Policy and action plan templates

Who can you use this process with?

  • Existing teams

    Use this process for your #buildbackbetter or engagement strategy to bring your team with you

  • New clients

    Get clarity from the beginning on a new clients motivations and sustainability focus to avoid confusion later on in a project

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